Level up your fitness at our gym, treat yourself at our bakery,
and nourish your body with delicious vegan dishes at
our eatery – for the ultimate fitness and flavor experience!

At Level 24 Eatery, indulgence meets nourishment. Our chefs transform locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients into vegan edible art. Savory mains entice, while sweet creations from our pastry team satisfy cravings. The sleek yet warm interior provides the perfect backdrop for an elevated dining experience. 

We believe tantalizing flavors, conscientious cooking and an enjoyable atmosphere are recipes for unforgettable dining. Our mission is to surpass expectations, one delicious, artfully plated dish at a time.

At 24 Karat, indulgence achieves new heights. Our skilled bakers create luxurious baked goods using premium ingredients. Decadent creations delight the senses while imaginative designs add edible elegance. The chic yet cozy bakery provides the perfect spot to enjoy your treats. 

We believe irresistible flavors, artisanal craftsmanship and an inviting space are recipes for an elevated bakery experience. Our mission is to exceed expectations with perfect pastries, nostalgic cookies and cakes that achieve sweet perfection.

At 24 Fitness, motivation meets accomplishment. Knowledgeable trainers and state-of-the-art equipment empower your workouts. Energizing group classes push you to new heights while innovative strength training equipment sculpts and tones. The sleek, inspired facility provides the perfect environment to surpass your goals. 

We believe personalized guidance, energizing workouts and an empowering atmosphere are recipes for next-level fitness. Our mission is to motivate and inspire you to push past limitations, crush records, and achieve ultimate body and health goals.


Le`Mac Building, 24th floor, Church Road, Westlands Nairobi.




+254 794 813990